Responsible Sourcing

Revlon, and all of the brands within its beauty portfolio, are committed to ethical and responsible sourcing practices aligned with international standards and protocols for human rights, worker rights, environmental and human health and safety. In support of this commitment, Revlon has enhanced its responsible and ethical sourcing practices to better address the risks and challenges in an increasingly complex global supply chain.

In 2017, we enhanced our Third Party Code of Conduct program to align our suppliers with the ethical standards that guide the way we operate, established a process for identifying and prioritizing sourcing risk, monitoring for compliance and developing corrective action plans, where necessary.


Although Revlon, Elizabeth Arden and the other brands in our company’s portfolio use limited quantities of mica sourced from India, the complex socio-economic challenges related to this supply chain are of great concern to us. We have joined the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI), a multi-stakeholder collaboration focused on solutions to improve mica sourcing conditions in India.

Palm Oil

Although Revlon, and its portfolio of brands, are low-volume users of Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil derivatives, we are aware of the environmental and human rights challenges in that supply chain and are committed to verifying the traceability of our source material and procuring from suppliers that can demonstrate responsible sourcing practices.